My Journey

Hollie has been singing since she was 4 years old, performing in a variety of school shows. It will at this age that her tutors noticed her vocal ability and it was suggested that she have some sort of vocal coaching. As her family was then travelling between two countries it was never almost impossible to arrange any training and therefore during this period she was left to her own devises and would sing almost all day long. This was the time she also learnt to play guitar. By the age of 13 her parents realised that her potential was not being shown or assisted and decided to employ a vocal coach via Skype to progress her talent. Her first public appearance was at the local Christmas show of her vocal coach at the age of 13. This was when her parents and vocal coach really appreciated the talent she had. At this point she was entered into small time singing competitions and later that same year into the Greece Got Talent show produced in Athens.

From July 2017 she attended singer/songwriter classes at a U.K. recording studio and very quickly began writing and producing her own material. Finally in May 2018 at just 15 years old she wrote and recorded her first single ‘Late Night Memories’, this was uploaded to the BBC Introducing Lancashire show and had multiple airplay. Continuing on from this she wrote a further 2 singles which again achieved airplay on the BBC Introducing show. By the end of 2018 her 3rd single ‘Nostalgia’ had received the accolade of one of the 30 best songs of 2018 on the BBC Radio Lancashire Introducing show only days before Christmas. After completing two further single, she released her first EP ‘Cloud 9’ on 20th December. Not long into the New Year she was invited for a chat about her progressing career on the BBC Introducing show by presenter Sean McGinty. Following this she was contacted to perform on the promotional tour bus for Highest Point Festival in Lancaster and within days ask to perform on the BBC Introducing Stage at the Highest Point Festival. She will be performing in at least two other festivals of 2019.

The journey continues ……………………………………